To become a resident of Holderness House
If you are an interested lady or family or carer of a lady wishing to join the Holderness House community for long-term care, we welcome your enquiry. Please contact us via this website or call us to have a chat with our friendly, dedicated management staff.
Despite the Covid pandemic and the restrictions it has brought on all our lives, our home is still open for admissions and we welcome your enquiry to find out more about how we can assist you and work together.
Initially we would work together to do an assessment of needs, whether that be at home, in another setting or leaving hospital, we will visit you. From this visit we can put together a package of care that is most appropriate and explain the fees.
Once all is agreed and given the current times, and a negative Covid test attained, a lady would join us at Holderness House for a period of 10-days isolation. We have 3-designated lovely rooms for this step and rest assured that every need will be met by our specialist staff with all normal care provided alongside specialist barrier care. We offer a 4-week trial period to ensure a new resident settles well. During this time, all our ladies have their own phone lines in their rooms and we can also arrange online face-to-face calls to allow for a smooth transmission with lots of access to chatting remotely with friends and family. Moving forwards all our ladies are Covid tested every fortnight, to ensure continuity of protection during this pandemic.
Please talk to us and we can explain about how we make transition into living within our care home as smooth as possible.

COVID Visiting Protocols during the Pandemic: (Updated April 2021)

We recognise the vital importance of visiting our home for the mental and physical wellbeing of all our residents and their families.

We continue to provide our lovely outdoor provision to allow for visiting. Our covered deck area at the back of the House enables one-on-one visits. Whilst we have asked our residents not to hug or kiss their relatives, hand-holding is now permitted under the revamped government guidance from March 8th (2021).

This new guidance also now allows for one regular nominated indoor visitor. We ask that these visits are booked with our staff in advance. We can only facilitate a certain number of visits per day for a limited duration to allow us time to effectively clean the area in-between visits, so we thank you for your understanding in regard to this, and we will try our best to accommodate your preferred time.

All visitors must complete a simple Health Declaration Form prior to each visit taking place to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

All our staff and residents have now received their 2nd vaccinations which enables a good level of protection within the home and our dedicated staff carry out bi-weekly lateral flow tests. Vaccination is not a condition for the regular visitor, however, in line with government guidance we will ask for a lateral flow test on arrival for the visit. This is a simple test that requires a swab of the mouth and nose and we can support and guide you through this process. We then ask that our visitors to wait 30 minutes for the result, once again just to add an extra layer of protection for the House. If for any reason the test is positive the visit will not be able to take place and we will help by facilitating a remote visit by telephone or internet call with your relative.

We will ensure that protective personal equipment is available to support those who do visit.

If there were to be a local outbreak, we may need to suspend indoor visits, but guidance would be given should this situation occur.